Welcome to ELSIOR

ELSIOR AB - Swedish family company located in the south of Sweden.

With dogs in our every day life for generations, lifelong intrest and ambitions for our dogs best we wanted to create a brand that we could count on.

- that was created in Sweden.

The foundation of our recipes are based on dogs natural demand. With inspiration from cousins to the domesticated dog and research about dogs diet, is Elsior designed for dogs in- and outside. 

With ingredients out of the highest quality.

From our love for dogs - to your love for your dog.

The history behind ELSIOR

With a genuine interest for dogs, their quality of life and historical purpose, it fell naturally to dedicate all our time to dogs. Regardless of what was on the agenda, it was always related to the favorite subject: dogs.
To achieve the demands we had for our dogs food, we found that the best was to create a brand that satisfy our needs. Taken from our own experience united with knowledge through the years, recipes was created and later launched under the name Elsior.

Customized recipes

The recipes are designed after what we wanted to give our dogs, the ones that lives both in- and outside, are used in stud, show dogs and active family members. Each version of our food is costumed depending on the demand that we experience is needed for our dogs in our every day life. One dog lives a retired life with calm walks, while the other gets rid of their energy while running in the forest. Puppies and pregnant females have a higher demand of protein, fat and vitamins to grow and manage a pregnancy. 

A Swedish brand

ELSIOR is owned and produced in Sweden, for our dogs and for the environment. 

For better life

When dogs receive all important ingredients to live a healthy life, it's made possible for them and the people in their surrounding to live better lives. A healthy dog spreads happiness through games, plays and training. Which even makes us happy. What are better than fun times together?